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BowTieXP is the most widely used risk assessment software tool, based on the bowtie method. With this tool you can easily create bowtie diagrams, which helps in the risk assessment. BowTieXP is unique in its ability to visualize complex risks in an easy-to-understand manner and allows you to formulate detailed risk-based improvement plans.

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Structure knowledge

Collect individual knowledge with the bowtie method and make it accessible to the entire organization.

Analyze and assess
Discover weaknesses in your control measures and make improvement plans at the barrier level.

Improve risk communication
Make risk communication simple and effective with easy-to-understand bowties.

User friendly risk assessment tools

BowTieXP is a professional risk management instrument. It is created with the end user in mind and is therefore one of the most user-friendly risk assessment tools. It is very easy to create and maintain a diagram in BowTieXP allowing you to display the current status of your barriers at all times.

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