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An award winning platform for knowledge building, knowledge sharing by and for your own teams. Worldwide.

Video is the richest medium for instructions and manuals. Give your teams powerful video tools to create on the job content and share it quickly by QR codes and beacons, you will see the quality of your service and the performance of work increase in weeks.

Show it. Film. Share. Done. Improve.

GPAL is a spin-off from MAD Multimedia.

At MAD, they have over 20 years of experience creating custom game-based learning solutions for businesses and government customers.
Over the years, they have become experts when it comes to developing innovative education and training solutions that make these processes more efficient and fun and engaging for employees.

By winning the Innovation Award from the Ministry of Defense for learning and education at the end of 2015, they had the opportunity to develop the GPAL platform.

“We’ve learned what works by doing many, many projects with our pioneer customers. With GPAL, we feel that we have found (for the time being) the holy grail of how we can support and engage employees in their learning.”

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