In the light of a change in how we manage assets, resources and take care of our planet we see a change how organisations organize themselves for the coming era.

Inspired by initiatives such as the Economics of Mutuality and the Economic Summit we believe in a change in measuring success as business.

With value based management Bergwerff aims at assisting organisations with an integrated approach of preparation on events that give us opportunities and risks.

We started a thought leader project with Acta Safety Professionals, in which we consider the challenge of how we can make it attractive to spend more time preparing for new and changing large projects.

Practice shows that in almost all cases mistakes, errors and incidents can be prepared for. Practice also shows that many organizations do not learn structurally from mistakes.

With P4P, we want to help organizations to distinguish themselves by not falling for perverted incentives and to prepare for becoming organizations with time, resources and attention to the right thing.


dogetr is a platform that is being developed, with the aim of making it attractive to involve your environment in achieving your goals, embracing shared challenges, breaking habits and working together to improve your attitude and behavior. In private life and the workplace.

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