World Steel Association 2020 Barrier Management Program

World Steel Association 2020 Barrier Management Program

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May 2020, The Hague

Special BowTieXP offering for World Steel Associates

Managing Consultant Daan Bergwerff heads the independent implementation consultancy of CGE Risk Management Solutions. He has extensive experience in the application of the bowtie method in various industries in various parts of the world, ranging from mining, O&G, laboratories to infrastructure. He has been involved with the Tata Steel Global Group Process Safety team and helps to implement barrier management as an independent implementation consultant.

World Steel is on a journey to apply bowtie to increase better understanding of critical and hazardous processes to derive shared understanding of the controlling mechanisms from process -continuity, -environment and -safety risks. After presenting the barrier management and bowtie concept hosted by the World Steel association, which you can revisit via the Steel University, interest has been expressed by associates to evaluate the bowtie and barrier management program.

A World Steel special offering is created to assist the global Steel industry with bowtie and barrier management

  1.  Free 60 min private Q&A followed by a dedicated trial of BowTieXP software with Bergwerff Consultants on your organisation’s situation.
    Resulting in a quick scan and recommendation to start or continue the bowtie and barrier management journey.
  2. 10% Worldsteel special discount on BowTieXP software valid until August 31, 2020
  3. The ability to join in the global industry Project hosted by CGE Risk to share bowties and learn from each other. This program is taking shape and aims to align with World Steel efforts to derive good practice bowties for the global steel industry. Contact us if you like to participate.

Investing in process risk management is rewarding for future preparedness and resilience. Knowing when we operate in our agreed operating envelope and when we start to move out of it, does not only provide safety, but also prevents excursions of our desired envelope in our asset status. Therefore being able to respond to client demand and knowing from an integral standpoint when and how to respond, adjust or stop certain processes is key to a sustainable future for the industry as a whole.

This solution is highly recommended by the World Steel Association. World Steel Association does however not in any way bind itself to this unique resource or solution, nor does it have any commercial or financial benefit resulting from this partnership. This means that every member company is open to work with alternative approaches and software solutions to reach their objectives.